Welcome to Just Detect!

We're excited to embark on this journey with you to revolutionise the world of metal detecting!

We have lots of exciting features planned for release over the next few months which we think you'll love.

So, what is Just Detect?

Phase One - Finds Recording

Just Detect v1 is similar to Instagram, except purely for recording your metal detecting finds.

Core Features

  • Find and follow other detectorists to see, like and comment on their finds in your feed

  • Earn a point for every find you record, support your favourite manufacturer and climb higher on the leaderboard

  • Chat with other members using the in-app messenger feature

  • Filter finds by country, manufacturer, land type, material, broad period and object type

  • Enable follow requests for profile privacy. Only you and your followers will see your finds

  • Record your find spot locations to view on a map. Location data is strictly confidential

  • Learn new things via the Just Detect blog where guides will be published regularly

  • We have partnered with major metal detecting suppliers to offer exclusive competitions, prizes, discounts and event tickets

Phase Two - UK Permissions

Are you tired of trying to gain permissions? What if you could pick a permission, book and just detect?

We are revolutionising metal detecting in the UK where annual subscribers can access and book permissions across various counties directly from the app, solving the number one issue for most detectorists in the UK. No more rejections!

How will it work?

  • Become an annual subscriber to unlock permissions in-app

  • Search permissions across various counties in the UK

  • Choose a date, book and pay

  • Each permission is marked with a virtual 'geofence', you'll receive a notification when you arrive

  • The Just Detect app will begin tracking your location where you can view your movements

  • All finds recorded on-site will be plotted on a map

  • When you leave the permission / 'geofence', the app will stop tracking your location

  • Your location information whilst on-site will be shared with the landowner for security purposes

Phase 3 - Details to be confirmed

Phase 3 will be announced at Detectival in September 2021.

Be sure to book your tickets in advance.

More features coming soon

  • Goals, challenges and prize competitions

  • Detectorist Insights (find statistics)

  • One press submission to your local Finds Liaison Officer