Record and share your finds with detectorists around the world


Just Detect is a finds recording social platform for detectorists around the world - built by detectorists, for detectorists

Find and follow other detectorists to see, like and comment on their finds in your feed
Earn a point for every find you record and climb higher on the leaderboard
Chat with other members using the in-app messenger feature
Filter finds by country, manufacturer, land type, material, broad period and object type
Enable follow requests for profile privacy. Only you and your followers will see your finds
Record your find spot locations to view on a map. Location data is strictly confidential
Learn new things via the Just Detect blog where guides will be published regularly
UK annual subscribers will be able to book permissions across various counties in phase 2


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Just Detect free?

Just Detect finds recording is completely free. The second phase of Just Detect (permissions) is an optional feature which will require an annual subscription.

Is Just Detect a replacement for the PAS database?

Just Detect is not a replacement for recording on the PAS database, however, we will introduce features to make submitting finds to your local FLO much easier soon.

I live outside of the UK, can I still use Just Detect?

Yes! If you're a metal detectorist, then you can use Just Detect. However, some current and upcoming features are UK specific.

Can I use Just Detect offline?

The current version of Just Detect requires an internet / data connection to operate. We may introduce offline capability in future versions.

Is my location data shared?

All location data is strictly confidential and never shared. The current version allows you to optionally record your find spot / current location co-ordinates.

Can I book permissions via Just Detect?

Permissions will become available via Just Detect for annual subscribers soon. Learn more about upcoming features here.